Skype Sessions


Skype SessionsWhether you’re not able to travel to London, would prefer to be in the safety and comfort of your own home, or are feeling a bit shy about a session in person, a Skype or Google Hangout session may be the perfect fit for you.

Possibilities for working with Rebecca via Skype/Google Hangout include the following (and many more):

  • Talking through issues around sexuality
  • Gaining confidence talking about sex, intimacy and your desires
  • Being guided through tantric meditations
  • Sensually guided Self-pleasuring Ritual
  • Guidance and practice in conscious communication
  • Receiving energetic healing
  • Addressing shame, fear & guilt around sexuality
  • Instruction and guidance in full body self touch

These sessions have a wide range of possibility. You might want to share about a particular issue or problem you’re having or you might be looking for some healing – yes, healing can take place over Skype! Rebecca works with deep energy healing that is extremely effective once she’s tuned in. Skype allows her to tune in to you and what’s going on for you as if you were sitting on the sofa next to her. From there she can offer deep healing or guide you through physical or energetic processes.

You may also benefit from a Skype/Google Hangout session if you wish to be heard and listened to by someone with a non-judgemental and open heart. Whether you want to share about how you’re feeling, get feedback on a situation or just talk about sexual things you find difficult to talk about with other people, a Skype session might be just perfect for you.

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