Using Sexual Energy To Get Energised And Empowered For Your Day [Audio]


[This is a guided audio meditation, available as a download]

Sexual energy is powerful, life-force energy and is meant for so much more than just sex. It is a rocket fuel that you can tap into and use in all sorts of ways. One magnificent way you can use it is to get yourself energised and ready for your day. It’s healthier and more powerful than your favourite coffee and it’s on tap right there inside of your body all the time!

This 19 minute audio will guide you to wake up your sexual energy and to move it through different areas of your body. You can use this first thing in the morning to wake you up to get energised for the day, or at any time you need a pick-me-up. It feels great to do and can be done anywhere you feel comfortable doing a bit of guided breathing – even at your desk at work if you want to!

You will feel uplifted, full of life-force energy and ready to embrace your day!

‘Rebecca’s meditations are infused with unconditional love. The quality is impeccable and the sound clear and crisp. The audios reflect Rebecca’s exceptional blend of body-positivity, validation for wherever you are at and want to go, and permission to experience pleasure in whatever form it takes for you.’

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