Getting Out Of Your Head And Into Your Sexy Body [Audio]


[This is a guided audio meditation, available as a download]

Most people these days are living busy lives that demand that they spend a lot of their time in their heads. Society generally tends to value the thinking, rational mind over the intuitive, sensual body. So how do you let go of the stresses of the day, get out of your head and into your body when you want to feel sexy, sensual, wild and free?

This 16 minute audio will guide you through two very simple and effective exercises. First you’ll brush off the ‘dust of the day’, the thoughts and worries that are sometimes difficult to let go of. Then you will be invited to wake up your sexual energy and move it through your body in a fun, sexy and erotically delicious way.

Rebecca’s smooth and rich voice gently delivers clear instructions, at the right pace and with just the right background soundtrack. She uses your own touch, breath, and movement to invite you in a dimension where you have permission to awaken and fuel your sexual energy, and use it as you see fit, leaving you energised and empowered. Rebecca is a like a motherly bird – at once holding you with love and compassion, whilst  actively encouraging you to jump off, fly and claim your freedom.’ Mel

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