Bondassage with Rebecca Lowrie

‘I told you I’d done sessions like this before, but turns out I’d never done a session like YOURS before. It was a singular experience – at once relaxing and sexy, yet frustrating and restrained. You truly sent me into a “head space” I have only experienced a couple times in my life, and the euphoric feeling I had along the way was intoxicating.’ Rob    Read more…

Bondassage is a unique sensory experience that invites you to explore submission, sensation and pure, mind-blowing pleasure in a safe, intimate and consensual environment.

A Bondassage session is designed to awaken and delight your body and soul through an erotic journey of the senses, comprising:

  • Light bondage with luxurious leather cuffs
  • Your complete submission to Rebecca’s skillful, ecstasy-inducing hands
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Arousing, sensual, and very erotic full body massage
  • Sensually ecstatic impact play
  • Riding the waves of pleasure and intense sensation
  • A journey of bliss that has to be experienced to be believed

Surrendering to Rebecca’s delightfully playful and erotic touch, you’ll find yourself dripping with desire as you are guided through the softer side of sensual dominance.

Each Bondassage session is tailored to your individual desires and preferences and is suitable for beginners through to advanced explorers.

Rebecca especially enjoys working with people who are totally new to BDSM or Conscious Kink as well as people who want to explore the delicious fusion of tantra and BDSM.

Sessions are available for individuals and couples.   Bondassage with Rebecca Lowrie

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