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‘Thank you so much for supporting me today to unearth the different parts of myself that I’ve been hiding. It was amazing and transformational. I really feel a different person – bigger, more complete, more complex, more me.’ Will

‘One thing I do know is that coming to see you has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. You’re wonderful for the soul.’ Jeremy

‘As I’m sure you know by now I really do love your body! I’m very grateful to you for all the work that you’ve put in to making yourself strong and healthy so that you can share this aspect of yourself with me and others. I also feel incredibly safe with you as you are so very nurturing, protective and loving. This of course helps me to open up so that I am free to appreciate even more pleasure with you.’ David

‘Thank you again for our wonderful session, I felt so relaxed with you and your amazing gifts. The nice part is that there were some fab erotically sensual moments going on that I can remember – even though I was mostly centered on the healing aspect of our connection- a multi layered experience. I love that you are so free with what you do, which helps my freedom.
Much gratitude’ Simon

‘I just wanted to thank you for the session today. It helped me to learn and experience more about me and my sexuality, to experience the beauty of personal and sexual connection (with you, and with myself), to challenge my self-perception and expand my boundaries. I loved your intuitive approach – checking in with where we were in the session and what might come next worked really well for me. And it was amazing and wonderful to express my ‘true’ sexuality with someone so loving, caring, careful, beautiful and sensual.’ Mark

‘What a wonderful session I had. No words to thank you. You don’t know how much I feel happy and relieved and I have no words to express it. I feel I am being relieved of a big tension which I was carrying for some time. I am feeling confident. I realise how much it is important to find a person to have an open and enlightening discussion with when you have issues.’  Martin

‘Hi Rebecca – a few words after last Thursday’s amazing session. Firstly a BIG thank you, as the intimacy of the experience, as always, was so exciting and erotic. You were right about time flying by; and the introduction of ropes was a nice taster of maybe other experiences to come.’ Josh

‘I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. I couldn’t even find a worthy superlative to describe my feelings at the time, and I don’t think I wish to now either as the experience was beyond words. I will say though that you are a truly sensational person in many more ways than one and that you possess an incredible gift. Oh, and you’re bloody gorgeous too!’ James 

‘It was a joy to meet and talk with you too. I was knocked out for a few hours afterwards, which was followed by a dazed spell of disbelief at what had occurred earlier in the day. I’m still truly astonished that you enabled me to start to break down some substantial barriers so soon, as well as making me feel at ease and completely comfortable.

At this moment I feel totally relaxed, with what only can be described as gentle waves of calmness passing through my chest (as corny as that sounds, it’s actually pretty accurate!). I’m in awe at what you’ve achieved in an afternoon with me, thank you so much.’ Ted

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‘I’m still trying to come to terms with how awesome our experience of Tuesday was. How does an adorable, freckly, funny, sexy (very) and *tiny* little pixie (yep, you fit the profile) suddenly grow large enough to cradle me like a baby in the next moment? You *are* a deeply magical creature and I’m amazed by you. I have to say, you’re possibly one of the most remarkable and lovable human beings I have ever met.’ Sam

‘Well after a whole day to think on our experience yesterday I still can’t find the right words to describe it!! I want to say thank you for starters, you put me at total ease right away. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my adult life, I can’t believe how natural it felt and I don’t think it would have been like that if it was with anyone other than you. I really felt a connection with you and still can’t shake that feeling of deja vu which is very special. I feel so clear in my head I can’t believe it, I have also been aroused all day long, I can’t turn it off!! You definitely switched something on…’ Ross

‘My very dear Rebecca, thank you so much for such a wonderful time with you this afternoon. I am still coming down from an amazing high since being with you. You are such a lovely person and so interesting to talk to and especially to listen to. You have given me some confidence in myself and some excellent suggestions to help me in my relationship at home. You are unforgettable! Thanks for everything and being so wonderful. I will miss you now so will try and get to see you again and experience your magical touch and your loving personality.’ Ian

‘Well first off Friday was amazing and I enjoyed a great session with you and I felt that so much bad stuff was removed from me. I felt so comfortable with you and it was like the door to my sexual feelings had been opened up again. I think from the first exercise when we sat opposite each other it felt very right to me and I trusted you completely. I can only thank you again for last week, I was quite desperate when I came to you and if the truth be known I was not sure how much you would be able to help me, certainly in one session, but you surpassed my greatest expectations and I will always be grateful to you for that. You are a truly amazing woman and have a very unique talent. I can’t wait to see you again and thanks once again for the help you gave me.’ Richard

‘Namaste, dear Rebecca! Thank you for such a wonderful meeting yesterday. You were so open, warm and welcoming from the moment you opened the door. I loved the way you let everything flow so naturally. And your tutorial on building and moving energy in the last half hour was just amazing. My dictionary defines alchemy as “miraculous transformation”. How apt! Hugely looking forward to seeing you again.’ George

‘Well, the session with you… it was awesome (no kidding) and so was the aftermath. I particularly appreciated the opening work with the chakras which set the scene for sacred sexuality and what followed was a journey of ecstasy. The sexual energy generated is still with me in my lingam and anus. Yet your most significant contribution for me was the way you blended sex with love and spontaneity which made a wholeness and integration. And that’s not all because I have felt stronger, cleaner and more healthy in my body and more in the here and now… So there was a lot of healing. Clearly my journey is my sexuality, as the root for joy and openness. After all that there can be no hesitation to say that I intend seeing you again.’ Simon

‘Thank you so much for today’s Skype session.  One hour felt just long enough and you covered everything I wanted for now.  Thank you for your presence and caring energy.  It was good to be able to talk about issues with someone who was not going to judge.  I am looking forward to trying the techniques we talked about.’ Richard

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‘After our meeting I plucked up the courage to ring my wife, we met and talked and talked and decided to give it another go. I can’t believe it and we had great sex” Joe 

‘Just wanted to say thank you. I had a really great time, you are one sexy lady. Wowwwwwww and your eyes well what can I say! Have a good weekend don’t work too hard; you gotta have the best job in the world!’ Mark 

‘I would just like to say ‘thank you’ for the healing and energising work you did with me today. I am still processing its beneficial effects (feeling stronger with more energy flowing around me) but it is your wonderful touch and gentle sexual connection which is moving me almost to tears as I think about it. Words are so inadequate at times! My fingers and head are still tingling, though! … will come back for another spiritual healing and universal connection through your beautiful, sensitive touch, energy and presence.’ Charles 

‘Thank you Rebecca for being you! For all I’ve learnt, experienced and enjoyed with your help and guidance…and for being a caring, sensual and – dare I say – a very sexy woman! It’s been fun and enjoyable, intimate and pleasurable and at times an eye-opener for me. I look forward to learning and experiencing more with you. You are welcoming, friendly, understanding and lovely to be with! Much love and many thanks.’ Owen

‘Yesterday was soooooooo fantastic. Each session we have is more magnificent than the last. You’re addictive. It’s getting to be so difficult to remember where I was three months ago. So little energy, so little peace, so little joy. Now I feel full to the top, overflowing. I feel like I’m radiating love not just absorbing – does that make any sense?’ Michael

‘Yesterday was amazing and beautiful and I am just soooooo eternally grateful to the universe for bringing you into my reality. It has done my confidence and vibration the world of good! If only you were single! Bring on the next sesh!’ Ted

‘I promised myself I was going to sit down today and email you. I took so much away from our sessions together you would not believe the change that has happened since I met you. My girlfriend and I are going from strength to strength and my confidence is sky high, I am no longer afraid of making mistakes or worrying about what to do next. I can never thank you enough for what you’ve done to me you are an angel. You totally changed my life, I was very open minded when I first met you but I never thought for one moment it would effect me as it did. I honestly think no one else could of done what you did, you made me feel so comfortable and I am truly grateful for your guidance and patience. Once again Rebecca thank you so much for everything you have done for me I will always be in your debt.’ Chris

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‘You must be the most kind, and generous person I have ever met, your outlook on life and people puts me to shame, but gives me renewed hope, you are so very refreshing. Almost forgot to mention you are also beautiful, attractive and sexy as a bonus. You took so much stress from my body and gave me a wonderful cuddle I feel really good today and intend to remain so until our next meeting.” Alan

‘Just wanted to say thank you (again) for today. You were absolutely lovely, warm, open, kind, sensual, and sexual. I am really looking forward to seeing you again. Both to help resolve my ‘issue’ but even more excited to explore further.” Sam

‘What can I say? The session yesterday was awesome!!! It will probably take me a year to come down from that incredible high. Your touch was magical and incredible, you exceeded my expectations by a huge margin. By the way, your eyes are gorgeous!!!!!’ Joseph

‘Wow what can I say yesterday blew me away and I still haven’t come down yet! As you mentioned I have opened a door to another world and even though I didn’t enter I’m left with a tantalising glimpse and a sense of powerful feelings that are primeval and words cannot do justice to… I cannot wait to continue my journey. Once again I would like to thank you for creating a safe and loving space in which I can unfold and rediscover the real authentic me…my journey is all the better and more satisfying having you as my companion and teacher and for showing me what’s real in this world.’ Jaime

‘Wow, what can I say? 2 sessions in and I can already see that my life will never be the same again. I feel like I’m starting to let go of my many masks and a space is opening up to let me be me. Yesterday I caught a glimpse of something so real and so beautiful that it is hard to describe with words. Even though I have only met you twice I feel very safe and loved when I am with you…not a place I’m in very often.’ Tim

Inspired to book a Sexual Alchemy session or find out more about Rebecca’s work? Email her at rebecca@sexualalchemy.com or contact her via this page.

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