Rebecca's friends

UK Friends

Ecstasy in Agony with Claire Black
Absolutely amazing Domme that will take you on an exquisite journey of surrender.

Violet Rose
Lovely independent courtesan, part-time real-life vintage pin-up gal, sexuality professional and educator in Edinburgh & London. 
Barbara Carrellas is an amazing and inspirational teacher, writer, workshop leader and so much more!

Living Love
The amazing Jewels Wingfield offers workshops, private sessions and events that help awaken people to their full potential as love.

Dedicated to the personal, spiritual and sexual growth of gay and bisexual men through Tantra.

Steph Wilcock
Tantric bodywork, healing and sex worker rights activism.

Aria Plaisance
Delightful, beautiful and sexy tantric masseuse in London.

The School of Erotic Mysteries
Modern day mystery school offering workshops and events exploring tantra, conscious sexuality, sacred kink, conscious BDSM, sex magick and more! Co-founded by Rebecca and Seani Love.

Queer Hearted
Queer conscious sex workshops with Amanda Gay-Love, me and Sir Claire Black.
Co-founder (with me) of The School of Erotic Mysteries. Seani is an extremely talented and experience Conscious Kink practitioner, sacred intimate, holy whore, sexual adventurer and freestyle shaman.

Lilith Rising
Lilith holds juicy & loving sacred space for radical truth & experience, exciting your soul, your self, and your sex into ecstatic transformation through magick, journey, psychological healing, and energetic bodywork.

Esensual Soul 
Somatic Sexologist, Educator, Intimacy & Pleasure Virtuosa

DK Leather
The amazingly multi-talented DK Leather – Psychotherapist, counsellor, life coach, trainer, tarot reader, hypnotherapist, NLP, guide, mentor, shaman, sexuality coach, educator and much more!

Sacred Pleasures
Bringing sex, kink, heart and soul together.

Matt Christie Photography
Matt is a fabulous photographer who’s particularly good at capturing the energy of tantrikas and conscious sexuality practitioners.

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