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Rebecca Lowrie

Rebecca Lowrie, The Sexual Alchemist

Rebecca Lowrie, creator of Sexual Alchemy, is a catalyst for deep transformation and sexual awakening.

Using her innate, intuitive sense of sexuality along with formal training and years of personal exploration, Rebecca is able to help you connect to your sexuality, your sexual power, in deep and mysterious ways.

Her Sexual Alchemy sessions and programs awaken a deeper aspect of your sexual self than you have ever experienced before, so that it will flow through you for your continued pleasure, health, wellbeing and expansion.

Sacred Space, Blissful Pleasure

Working in creative, playful and inspired ways, Rebecca weaves together intuition, love and sensuality to create intimate and transformational Sexual Alchemy sessions for people who are ready to take back their sexual power and create the lives they’ve always dreamed of.

Drawing from a wide range of conscious sexuality practices and traditions, including tantra and conscious kink, Rebecca enables people to connect to, embody and celebrate their true sexual selves.

Open Hearted, Deeply Loving

Rebecca is passionate about helping people to connect to their sexuality for their own personal empowerment, joy and pleasure as well as helping people to expand their ideas of what they can do with their sexuality, beyond just sex! She combines various forms of conscious and sacred sexuality to enable people to expand their possibilities of sensuality, intimacy and love.

With an open heart and mind, she is able to hold a deeply loving and sacred space for you to safely explore your sexuality, intimacy, pleasure and much more.

Joy and Gratitude

Rebecca has worked worked with people from all over the world, either in person, via Skype or through her digital programs.

Rebecca lives in London with her fabulously talented partner. You can often find her captivated by the alchemical beauty of nature, meditating in the sauna or nibbling delicious bits of raw chocolate.

Rebecca is a Trustee of The Disability Foundation.

Inspired to book a Sexual Alchemy session or find out more about Rebecca’s work? Email her at rebecca@sexualalchemy.com or contact her via this page.

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