Nov 102016

What ifRebecca Lowrie, The Sexual Alchemist, imagines a world in which, on a soul level, we are trying to wake ourselves up.

On the morning of 9th November, 2016 we woke to the news that Donald Trump had been elected 45th President of the United States. I witnessed outpourings of fear on my Facebook timeline. Understandably many people were shocked, and fearing for their safety.

Rather than adding fuel to the fear, I wanted to attempt to see the bigger picture. What, on a soul level, might be going on? How could we move forward with open hearts rather than the panic and terror I saw unfolding?

Below is the Facebook post that I wrote that morning. I share it with you here because I feel it is important to always look for ways to be a part of the solution rather than to add fuel to the fear flames. I post it here unedited, as it flowed for me on that morning:

Imagine that several thousand years ago, the ‘powers that be’, not the ones you perceive to be in power, but a small, secret, hidden group, decided that they wanted to rule the masses. To make a long story short, imagine that they decided the best way to do that would be to cut the masses off from their own natural, innate power. They did this by shaming our sexuality, by shaming pleasure and the body and intimacy and so forth. Shame and fear from the neck down. A society that values the mind and analytical thinking instead of, rather than as well as, the body, intuition, pleasure, connection, etc.

Now imagine that it wasn’t enough. They didn’t feel they had enough power or it was just time for phase two of taking total control. What would they do next? They would want to cut us off from love, from our hearts, from feeling and experiencing and expressing love, from giving and receiving love. How might they do that? By creating mass fear.

Perhaps they would do something to get the public’s attention like 9/11 (already proven to be manufactured) or Brexit. What I see this morning in my timeline is mass fear, panic, terror.

Whether my story is real or not, true or not, observe where you give your power away. Observe where you shut down your heart or your sexuality.

Your heart, your ability to circulate love and your ability to circulate sexual energy – all through and with Source energy, cannot be taken away and is still yours to claim.

Perhaps there is a much bigger picture here. Perhaps it is time we claim our power. Perhaps it is time we truly start to engage our hearts, our love for ourselves and each other, for nature and all of existence. We can use our Sexual-Love-Source connection to transform the world. It is time we wake up and start doing this now! They, whoever ‘they’ are, cannot cut out our genitals and hearts. They can create fear and shame, they can try and separate us from ourselves and from each other, but we still have power if we tap into it. Now is the time!

What if, in the bigger, bigger, bigger picture, ‘they’, whoever ‘they’ are, are really divine souls who are not separate from the whole either. What if ‘they’ agreed, at a soul level (or whatever you want to call it) to do whatever it took to wake us up? What if they agreed to appear to be ‘in the dark’ so we could find our way to the ‘light’? What if we are all, at a ‘soul’ level, in on the game and trying to wake ourselves up?


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