Oct 162016

Full Moon Sex RitualRebecca Lowrie, The Sexual Alchemist, shares her Supermoon Sex Ritual for clearing anything which no longer serves you.

Yesterday was a rare Hunter’s Supermoon in the UK. A Hunter’s moon is one that rises soon after sundown, historically allowing hunters and farmers to work a bit longer by moonlight. A Supermoon is a full moon which occurs when the moon is near (within 90 per cent of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit. Its close proximity makes the pull and magic of the moon even stronger than usual.

I posted the photo you see here on Instagram and mentioned that I was going to do a full moon sex ritual. Someone asked me if I would  mind sharing it and, grateful for the invitation, I accepted.

Letting go of the old

I don’t know a lot about astrology, but according to those that do, this month’s full moon was perfect for helping us to let go of thoughts, habits, patterns and beliefs that no longer serves us. That was fantastic timing as I’m currently doing some deep inner work on letting go of some very old, very stuck stuff. I welcomed the opportunity to have the moon’s help with this.

Full Moon Sex Ritual

When I do a ritual by myself or with my partner, I usually don’t plan it in advance. I tune into my higher wisdom or Source or the Universe or whatever you want to call it and then follow my intuition. Usually that means starting by getting still, slowing my breathing and relaxing my body. That is what I did last night. That was my starting point.

Once I felt grounded, present and ready, I dedicated some candles to various intentions and then lit them and placed them around my bedroom. As I did this, I invited the moon to join me as well as the stars, particular guides that I work with, the trees and a few other realms that I also work with regularly.

I laid on my bed and felt these energies gather round me and I took time to welcome each one and to make a heartfelt connection with each. I asked them to help me to release and let go of anything, any habit, pattern, thought, belief or paradigm that no longer serves me. I was guided to take my consciousness through my body to help loosen up the stuff that was ready to shift. Feeling the need to move around, I got up and stretched and danced and moved my body as it wanted to move. The movement helped to unstick some of the stuff to be released.

After a while I laid back on the bed and started to consciously increase my arousal using breath, sound, movement and touch. I moved the arousal throughout my body, using it to lovingly burn off anything which no longer served me. I moved the energy up my spine, into my organs, into my bones and cells and right into my DNA. I opened my heart and allowed myself to open fully to the Universe.

I allowed pleasure and ecstasy to move through my body and my cells. I felt connected to the cosmos, the All-That-Is and individual at the same time. I brought my intention and the full moon to mind just as I orgasmed. It was intense and beautiful and powerful!

I laid still for a long time, basking in the the orgasmic afterglow and the soft glow of the candles. I offered thanks and gratitude to my supporters and felt them withdraw. Slowly, softly, I drifted off to sleep, knowing that the moon would continue to work her magic while I slept.

More Supermoons On The Way

It turns out that there are two more Supermoons this year. One on November 14th and one on December 14th. These Supermoons are a fantastic opportunity to get celestial help with whatever you are working on at the time. You can do a ritual similar to mine or create your own. Follow your intuition, bring your arousal into play and see what happens!

I’d LOVE to hear how you get on if you do create a Supermoon Sex Ritual. Please email me at rebecca@rebeccalowrie.com and let me know how it goes for you.

Rebecca LowrieRebecca specialises in men’s sexuality and works with individuals and couples to help them expand their ideas and experiences of sexuality. Using various forms of conscious sexuality, including tantra and conscious kink, Rebecca can help you transform your sexuality into something deliciously juicy, delightfully fun and ecstatically blissful!

If you’re inspired and would like to book a Sexual Alchemy session, email Rebecca at rebecca@rebeccalowrie.com and tell me what you’re interested in. I look forward to hearing from you!