Jun 012016

Who is your true sexual self?Rebecca Lowrie, The Sexual Alchemist, ponders questions about who we are as sexual beings.

Most of us have been conditioned to believe there is a right or wrong around sexuality, sexual expression and who we are as sexual beings. However, apart from consent, that is not true. Assuming consent is in place, there is no inherent right or wrong way to be sexual, to express your sexuality. There is no inherent way to enjoy pleasure and intimacy.

Most cultures, religions, societies, families, etc have created rules and regulations, social mores and laws about what is and isn’t ok. We try to fit into these rules so that we feel like we belong. Because it doesn’t feel safe to not belong. Fear of being ostracised, left out, made fun of or worse, left to die, causes us to dampen down who we are. We shut off our natural urges, our natural desires. Worse, we make our natural urges and desires wrong.

We get infected with the thought that there is a ‘right’ way to be sexual and if we aren’t that way inclined, then we are bad, wrong, guilty and worthless.

So, who would you be if you had no conditioning about sex and sexuality? If you had never been taught that there was a right or wrong way to express your desires, how would you express them? If all consensual expressions of pleasure, intimacy and sexuality were ‘allowed’, how would you and your life change?

Rebecca LowrieRebecca specialises in men’s sexuality and works with individuals and couples to help them expand their ideas and experiences of sexuality. Using various forms of conscious sexuality, including tantra and conscious kink, Rebecca can help you transform your sexuality into something deliciously juicy, delightfully fun and ecstatically blissful!

If you’re inspired and would like to book a Sexual Alchemy session, email Rebecca at rebecca@rebeccalowrie.com and tell me what you’re interested in. I look forward to hearing from you!