Mar 212016

Rebecca Lowrie shares her new #MeditationMondays video, Expanding Your Heart With Gratitude.

I have a regular, daily gratitude practice and find it immensely useful in so many ways. Most days I write my gratitudes down in a journal. Sometimes I say them out loud to myself or with my partner.

In this video, you are guided to use your breath to connect with the feeling of gratitude and to use that to connect to, open and expand your heart.

This is good for you for many reasons. Gratitude raises our vibration and helps us to stay aligned with ‘who-we-really-are’, beyond just the human facade. Being connected to this divinity, this deeper parts of ourselves, also connects us to a deeper intimacy – with ourselves, our partners and life in general.



Rebecca LowrieRebecca specialises in men’s sexuality and works with individuals and couples to help them expand their ideas and experiences of sexuality. Using various forms of conscious sexuality, including tantra and conscious kink, Rebecca can help you transform your sexuality into something deliciously juicy, delightfully fun and ecstatically blissful!

If you’re inspired and would like to book a Sexual Alchemy session, email Rebecca at and tell me what you’re interested in. I look forward to hearing from you!