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Rebecca Lowrie, The Sexual Alchemist

Rebecca Lowrie, The Sexual Alchemist, introduces the concept of ‘Saunatating’ and explains why it is good for your sex life.

Over the years I’ve explored a lot of different ways to connect in to Source or the Universe, or Infinite Intelligence or whatever you want to call it. For ease, I’m mostly going to call it Source but you can insert whatever word works best for you.

[bctt tweet=”Sex can be an amazing way to tune in to Source, in fact it’s my favourite way! “]For some people, that connection might happen naturally during sex. However, for most people it’s necessary to consciously pave the road to Source in other ways so that when you’re having sex or being sexual in some way, that road is there for you to travel.

Part of cultivating a deeper connection to your sexual self, in fact, all of your self, is taking time to be still, ‘tune in’ and listen, receive, heal or just be.

Becoming a better lover or businessperson or husband or anything, requires some on-going self development, self-evolvement, growing and expanding your understanding of yourself, others and the world around you.

Saunatating is my latest way of doing just that for myself. If you haven’t guessed it from the photo yet…

Saunatating = meditating in the sauna!

Makes sense now, right?

For me, meditating in the sauna works wonders! I do try to meditate at other times, in other places, but I’m often too easily distracted. I find I want to check my emails or get something to eat or go to the loo. My mind won’t settle and my body feels uncomfortable or at least my mind thinks it is.

When I’m in the sauna, my body instantly starts to relax. The heat feels so sensual and sort of like being held in a warm embrace. I absolutely cannot check my email or phone or read a book or be distracted in any other way. Yes, sometimes there are other people in there chatting, but I can tune them out.

I close my eyes and first take in the gorgeous smell of the wood and feel the heat starting to penetrate my skin. I love the contrast of entering the sauna feeling kind of cold and the sensation of my body starting to warm up. I set an intention for my body to release anything that no longer serves me through my sweat.

Once I’m settled and have set my intention, I focus my awareness inside my body and start checking in with my endocrine system. I want to see how it’s all working and if the glands are working in harmony. If they’re not, I listen to what they need and we find a way to create balance together.

Then I check in with the rest of my body, my internal organs, my bones, etc – sort of like a team meeting. I like greeting the different inner parts of my body, giving them some love, attention and focus – and they love it too!

Note: You could start anywhere you like or feel drawn to inside, the endocrine system is just where I like to start.

Eventually I start to feel out into the ether, beyond my body, into what I call the Matrix or the Quantum Field. Different things begin to happen.

Sometimes my body searches for the perfect template of health so it can align itself to that. Sometimes it feels like deep healing is happening and almost always, deep relaxation. I keep widening my awareness in all directions around me, allowing myself to become a bit bigger, to stretch and expand energetically.

More often than not I start to get clarity around things that are going on in my life at that time. I might hold a particular question, problem or thought in my mind as I begin to travel outwards and see where I end up.

Very often I get incredible inspiration, thoughts and solutions.

I’ve ‘downloaded’ entire blog posts, answers to difficult emails or situations and parts of several books that I’m writing, just by tuning in and ‘listening’.

sauna.5All in all, this whole process usually takes about 20 minutes. Either I slowly start to become aware of my body again, or I become aware of the heat and my own sweat. If I feel like the process is complete, I might have a swim or just go for a shower. If I feel like there is a bit more inspiration to be had, I take a cool shower, maybe swim a bit and take some time to cool down before one more go in the sauna.

Saunatating at least once a week helps me to stay relaxed, calm and focused. It also provides a great way for me to tune in to Source, which gives me enormous inspiration and feels good to my body, mind and soul.

Practicing these things allows me to apply them to my sex life.

I find it easier to drop out of my head space and into an embodied space with myself or my lover. When I open my body, heart and soul in a sexual situation it usually leads me to a Source connection too – which, by the way, is utterly amazing!

Practicing connecting to Source on my own fills me up, and helps me to bring my full self to sexual situations. Saunatating helps keep the pathways to Source open and flowing so that I have access in my every day life and especially when I’m aroused and being sexual.

How do you tune in to Source or to your inner ‘self’? Do you have a regular practice? I’d love to hear what works for you.

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