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Rebecca Lowrie, The Sexual Alchemist, shares excerpts from her digital program for men who want to Empower Their Erections – The Transform Your Sex Life Series Program: Empowering Your Erection

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Maintaining Your Erection For Life

Mental Health

So many factors can affect our mental health these days. Stress and worry about work, relationships, money, and of course, E.D. can really take a toll on our minds. Creating good practices for looking after your mental health will serve you well in all areas of your life, including your sex life.

Here are some ways to reduce mental stress:

  • Implement the suggestions above in the physical health section (see Part 1 here). They will also greatly help with mental health.
  • Get plenty of sleep and rest.
  • Keep a Gratitude Journal. Write down at least one thing you are grateful for each day. Gratitude puts your energy system into a state of high vibration, which is good for you on all levels. Feeling grateful can pull you out of a mental fog or bad mood. Finding even one thing you are grateful for each day can reduce stress and improve your mindset.
  • Find someone you can talk to. This could be a professional person, a good friend or relative.
  • Have a good laugh! Laughter is a great way to reduce stress and worry. Medically, laughter has been related to exercise, in that it releases feel-good chemicals in your body.

Emotional Health

Whatever society or family you’ve been born into, there’s a high chance that you were not taught how to feel your emotions or how to express them in safe and healthy ways. Quite often we are taught to ignore or suppress our emotions. This is not healthy and can sometimes cause illness.

Here are some ways to look after your emotional health:

  • Join a supportive men’s group. (If you’re in London, I recommend this one.)
  • Put on some music or a film that you know makes you feel emotional and allow yourself to have a damn good cry. Notice how good you feel afterwards.
  • When feelings come up that feel uncomfortable, see if you can relax, take some deep breaths and just allow yourself to feel whatever is there. It might help to allow your body to move as the feelings come up and out.
  • Have a good laugh – see above in the Mental Health section!
  • Get a pet! Studies show that people who have a pet at home have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and better overall health. Dogs in particular are known for being creatures of unconditional love and joy.

Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is a very individual thing. For some people it’s about feeling connected to Divine Intelligence, Source, the Universe, a higher knowing or greater good. For some people it’s about finding meaning and purpose in life. For others it’s about feeling compassion, love and joy in their lives. Often it is a blend of all or some of these things.

Here are some ways to nurture your spiritual health:

  • Learn meditation or attend a mindfulness class.
  • Spend some time out in nature – in a beautiful forest, by the sea, near mountains, whatever fills up your soul.
  • Figure out what makes your soul sing and do more of that.
  • Get creative – paint, draw, sing, write, dance, cook.
  • Volunteer somewhere that feels good to you.
  • Spend time enjoying a beautiful sunrise or sunset.
  • Learn how to play a musical instrument.
  • Let go of the past – it is no longer here. Be in the present moment.
  • Keep a gratitude journal.
  • Go on an adventure.
  • Travel to new places.
  • Step outside your comfort zone.
  • Do something kind or generous for another person.
  • Move your body! Dance, walk, go to an exercise class or whatever gets you moving.
  • Create a garden, grow your own plants or bring flowers into your home.
  • Have a big, deep belly laugh!
  • Notice beauty all around you.

Kiss your lover slowly, sensually, as if it was the first time. Allow yourself to feel really open, vulnerable and in love.

Read Part 1 here>>>> 

Read excerpts from the ‘A Word About Erectile Dysfunction’ chapter here: Part 1>>>>, Part 2>>>>

Empower Your Erection


What people are saying about the Transform Your Sex Life Series:

‘Within two weeks of using Rebecca’s ebook I was able to have penetrative sex for the first time in my life – thank you so much Rebecca!!‘ Dan, 35

‘…the exercises are incredibly easy and empowering. Since starting, I’ve noticed two results – my erections are stronger, and an increase in the erotic “tingling” even when not erect.’ Kevin, 54

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