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Empowering Your Erection

Rebecca Lowrie, The Sexual Alchemist, shares excerpts from her digital program for men who want to Empower Their Erections – The Transform Your Sex Life Series Program: Empowering Your Erection

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When we don’t see the signs or listen our intuition, then our bodies will start to send signals such as an ache here or a pain there. If we continue not to listen then the body will escalate its attempt to get our attention – a pulled muscle, a back spasm, or a bigger injury, for example. If we still don’t listen the messages get louder and louder. This can result in bigger, more noticeable health issues or illnesses such as ‘dysfunctions’ of the body, cancer, adrenal exhaustion, etc.

Erectile dysfunction might be the first signal your body has sent you or part of a chain of ‘messages’ that started somewhere else in your body. When you start to pay attention to the signals your body is sending you, and see what they are trying to tell you, then you can bring healing and transformation to the situation.

E.D. could be a sign of

  • Shame or fear around sexuality (that was there before the E.D.)
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Fear of being vulnerable
  • Fear of penetration
  • Shame passed down from the family around sexuality
  • Shame passed down from religion, the media and other outside authorities
  • Fear and shame of expressing your sexuality in a particular way
  • Fear of getting your partner pregnant
  • Shame and guilt around wanting to penetrate
  • Shame and guilt around not wanting to penetrate
  • Shame around wanting to be penetrated
  • Having been told you’re not good enough – and believing it or taking the message in to your body
  • Having received negative messages about your body or your penis
  • Fear of failure
  • Shock or trauma to the body
  • Excessive masturbation
  • Over use of porn
  • Worry or concern around sexual ‘performance’
  • Having had your boundaries crossed – sexually or otherwise
  • Feeling disempowered in your life generally
  • Feeling bored or ‘not aroused’ by life
  • Not being fully present in the moment
  • Being stuck in your head
  • Being exhausted
  • Being focussed on other things
  • Not feeling at ease in your body or with your penis
  • Gender issues

One or more of these things might apply to you. Or you might have your own unique reasons for experiencing E.D. The very good news is that healing and transformation are absolutely possible.

For many men this will mean being able to get some or all of your erection back. For some men it will mean learning how to be a magnificent lover whether you have a hard-on or not. Although society would tell you otherwise, it is not essential to have an erection to have amazing sex. Just taking the pressure off your cock to ‘perform’ and learning more about being an amazing lover will help!

The Transform Your Sex Life workbook takes you through four processes to get you back on the road to being, expressing and fully enjoying your sexuality, your sexual self. Each section has an audio recording to help and support you as you work your way through the book.

 You are totally amazing and on your way to being your best, most liberated sexual self ever!

Read Part 1 here>>>> 

Read excerpts from the ‘Maintaining Your Erection For Life’ chapter here: Part 1>>>>, Part 2>>>>

Empower Your Erection

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