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TheSexualAlchemist.comRebecca Lowrie, The Sexual Alchemist, talks about how you can expand your ideas and possibilities for orgasm. 

I recently read a comment by a sex educator that really surprised and saddened me. This sex educator had met a woman who was telling her that she experienced breast orgasms. The sex educator wasn’t aware that this was possible and said that she found the idea of a woman orgasming without genital stimulation ‘perplexing’.

Perplexing? I was perplexed that a sex educator actually thought the only route to orgasm was genital stimulation! Don’t get me wrong, genital stimulation is great, but why limit yourself? Then I thought, well, if she doesn’t know about other routes to orgasm, maybe there are lots of people who don’t know. So I’m going to share a little something with you…

Here’s the big secret – there are lots of ways to orgasm! You can have genital orgasms, breast orgasms, nipplegasms, ballgasms, breathgasms, energygasms, analgasms, cosmicgasms, laughgasms, crygasms, Domgasms, subgasms, lovegasms, heartgasms, floggergasms, dancegasms, musicgasms, joygasms, gymgasms, naturegasms, fruitgasms, chocolategasms, Christmasgasms and loads more!

Very simply put, an orgasm is a release of energy. It’s a letting go, a temporary falling into the sacred void, a surrender to our true nature. Qualities often associated with orgasm are increased heart rate, muscular contractions, deeper breathing, and feelings of peace, warmth, euphoria, love and much more. There is usually an absolute inability to do anything else other than be ‘in’ the orgasm!

Some people might have several types of orgasms all at once. I often cry or laugh during a genital orgasm. It just happens and is part of the big energy release that started in my genitals (or elsewhere!) but has spread through my whole body and if I’m lucky, through my whole being!

So, how do you have these other kinds of orgasms? Well, sometimes they just happen. Have you ever been laughing with a friend where the laugh comes from so deep inside your belly and you can barely breathe and the whole world just becomes your intense laughter? That’s a laughgasm for sure!

You can also practice cultivating different types of orgasms. I say practice because we often have fear, shame or conditioning in the way. It can take practice to learn to quiet the mind so you can allow delicious eruptions of pleasure when they come your way.

Here’s the thing – when you’re in the middle of a great sexual orgasm you are rarely thinking about work or your to-do list. For those few seconds (or longer if you’re lucky) you are fully present, fully in the moment. You are surrendered to the orgasm, no matter what kind of orgasm it is.

One way to increase your chances of experiencing these different sorts of orgasms is to give yourself fully and completely to whatever you are doing. Be utterly present whether you are gardening, dancing, cleaning, fucking, making love or singing, do it with deep presence and awareness. Before you know it there will be no separation between you and the thing that is occurring, and that in itself is a form of orgasm.

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