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Sexual Alchemy with Rebecca Lowrie: The Art of Sexual Transformation, Pleasure & Intimacy

Sexual Alchemy is the transformation and expansion of your ideas and experiences of sexuality, sexual energy, and intimacy into something precious, divine and blissful.

Private Sessions with Rebecca Lowrie

Sexual Alchemy Sessions aim to help you:

    *Explore your sexuality
    *Discover more pleasure
    *Awaken your Full Sexual Self
    *Affirm your sexuality as a source of joy and happiness

Rebecca Lowrie, The Sexual Alchemist

    *Celebrate & enjoy yourself as a sexual being
    *Heal past wounds around sexuality
    *Explore new areas of sexuality
    *Heal erectile dysfunction
    *Deal with ejaculatory issues
    *Build confidence as a lover
    *Fully embrace your sexuality
    *Let go of fear, shame and guilt
    *Release stress & trauma
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About Rebecca

Rebecca Lowrie, The Sexual Alchemist, is a catalyst for deep transformation and sexual awakening. She is devoted to helping you explore and transform your sexuality in order to empower the rest of your life.

Using her innate, intuitive sense of sexuality along with formal training and years of personal exploration, Rebecca is able to help you connect to your sexuality, your sexual power, in deep and mysterious ways.

A Sexual Alchemy session will awaken a deeper aspect of your sexual self than you have ever experienced before, so that it will flow through you for your continued pleasure, health, wellbeing and expansion.

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Inspired to book a Sexual Alchemy Program or find out more about Rebecca’s work? Email her at rebecca@sexualalchemy.com or contact her via this page.